Leaking wells have been a persistent and chronic problem for the oil and gas industry causing loss of production, safety issues, and environmental threats for decades.

In this guide, we will point out some of the most common causes for well leakage problems. Also we list 8 questions or issues you must consider before you select a solution to your problem.

[Free Guide] The most common causes for leaks in oil wells and 8 questions to consider before you select solution


This guide will discuss:

  • The most common causes for leaks in oil and gas wells.
  • Different types of leaks and underlying reasons for leaks.
  • What you need to think about when you observe a leak.

Remember – leaks do not go away by themselvesIf they do, it is because of Murphys`s 2nd law:

  • If it doesn´t fail right now it will fail much worse at a later stage.
  • Or, it will fail as bad but at a much worse time.

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