A Milestone in Saudi Arabia: 450 jobs and counting!

By Yasir Akdeniz - August 12, 2020

Year 2020 marks our 9th year in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Working mainly for Saudi Aramco - the world's largest oil producer - Wellcem has till date performed 450 jobs safely and with great success.

The applications have been varied; from using ThermaSet® as an LCM (Lost Circulation Material), for repairing Casing Leaks, for P&A and for eliminating SCP (Sustained Casing Pressure).

What began as an alternative way in solving complex well integrity issues in the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, has now turned into the main solution for our clients there. Wellcem Resin Technology is there to solve your most challenging well problems.

Our expertise in the area of resin technology has not gone unnoticed, and many other countries in the region are showing interest in our solutions.

The successful growth of Wellcem in Saudi Arabia is the direct result of our great employees and their continuous effort to improve our services and add value to our clients in KSA.






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