Well Integrity in mature assets, why should you care?

By Jonny Haugen - September 13, 2023

How to design cement slurry for oil well applications

Diminishing oil reserves and fluctuations in oil prices cause operators to demand more from existing wells and equipment. These topics are on the agenda for the upcoming SPE Workshop in Malaysia, 26- 27. Sep 2023. What are cost effective technologies that meet economic thresholds while ensuring safety, integrity and quality?

When new development can no longer contribute to production targets, Oil and Gas operators must invest their resources in reliable and proven technologies to maintain, revive and enhance production from existing wells. Cost effective technologies that meet economic thresholds, whilst ensuring safety, integrity and quality, are vital.

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Demand for better solutions for cost saving is urgent

The management of well integrity and unhealthy wells has often been considered a secondary priority over activities that contribute to increased oil production. There have been numerous cases of loss of primary containment (LOPC) incidents globally, and the industry has not seen significant improvements in this trend. However, the petroleum landscape is rapidly changing, demanding more from operators. Not only to deliver more profitable solutions, but also for the sake of the environment as well. 

Preventive and reactive well integrity activities are challenging efforts. They require many stakeholders to work together to solve problems in many phases of application, and careful planning throughout the numerous phases of the field cycle. This is why the SPE Workshop is highly relevant to many actors in the Oil and Gas industry.

Better and more cost efficient Well Integrity, what are your options?

The SPE Workshop in Malaysia will focus on sharing working examples, new technologies, best practices, and challenges to deliver actionable outcomes within the Well Integrity, Intervention and Workover domain.

Wellcem will attend the workshop and present its resin-based sealing solutions for leaking wells, as well as talk about how the demand for efficient and customizable delivery solutions on remote platforms can be done. 

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