Wellcem CLIMIT Project – Developed Method for Securing CO2 Wells

By Yasir Akdeniz - October 06, 2020

Wellcem has through a CLIMIT-supported (Research Council of Norway) project developed a fit-for-purpose sealing material that in a cost-effective way ensures safe storage of CO2.

One common solution for CO2 storage is to re-use existing oil and gas wells or drill new ones into known reservoirs. The long-term safety of CO2 storage is highly dependent on the integrity of all these wells. 

During CO2 storage, CO2 is injected into a reservoir where it is stored permanently. The walls of the reservoir must be made leakproof to prevent COescaping from where it was stored. And this is where Wellcem Resin Technology comes in handy.

Together with the Research Council of Norway, Wellcem has demonstrated that ThermaSet® has significant potential for keeping the integrity of CO2 – wells and reservoirs. Moreover, due to its resistance to CO2 and the acidic environment it creates, ThermaSet® has a huge potential as a remediation material for leakages in CO2 wells.

Wellcem ThermaSet® Resin

The ThermaSet® resin can be controlled so that it hardens (solidifies) at a certain time and at a given temperature and will therefore be able to be effectively adapted to each individual well. When the resin hardens, it will seal leaks in the well.

- The project has provided us with a great business opportunity and the industry now has a cost-effective solution that can provide safe and lasting storage of CO2, says Svein Normann from Wellcem.

Through the recently completed CLIMIT project, Wellcem has developed methods for understanding how to effectively fill cracks in the wells so that long-term sealing is ensured.

Wellcem has for a long time had similar solutions for traditional oil and gas wells. Through this project sponsored by CLIMIT, the company has further developed its products to also incorporate sealing of CO2 storage wells.





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