Wellcem in normal operational mode (Re. Corona/COVID-19)

By Morten Evensen - March 18, 2020

Wellcem is in normal operational mode. Our operations are carried out as planned. In addition, we plan and mobilize for more operations in the coming months.

Following the spreading of the corona virus (COVID-19), Wellcem is closely monitoring the evolving situation in all our operational areas.

We strictly adhere at all times to governmental recommendations and international rules and measures. Our objective is to safeguard our customers, employees, partners and stakeholders.

Material mobilizations are currently performing as normal. 

Wellcem acknowledges the severity of the virus outbreak. Going forward, we intend to support customers and partners in the best possible way. Personnel mobilization and relocation could potentially become a challenge. That is not the case for now being, and we continously plan as far as possible to have resources placed in strategic locations.

Our management team regularly discuss proper handling of operational challenges and planning for upcoming scenarios. 

If any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or your contact person/project manager in Wellcem.



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