Wellcem is in Algeria - Ready for Business!

By Yasir Akdeniz - July 14, 2020


Early 2019 Wellcem was invited to solve a Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP) problem for a major joint venture operator in Algeria. The elimination of the SCP in this well had previously been attempted 3 times without success.

The well was a big gas producer with a daily output of 70 million ft3 per day!

Wellcem was able to design a fit for purpose solution and a program for the well in liaison with the end client, and our local partner Schlumberger. Together we mobilized material, equipment and personnel to the well site. The team executed the job safely and efficent and solved the problem for the client.

First job in Algeria was a great success!

The rumours spread quickly in Algeria and in a short time Wellcem is known by most operators in the country.

Going forward in Algeria, Wellcem will be working closer with Schlumberger.

Wellcem is now present in Algeria with chemicals and equipment.

We are ready for business!


The case history will soon be published -stay tuned. In the meantime you can read these.



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