Wellcem sets an example in China

By Yasir Akdeniz - February 02, 2021

We at Wellcem have been privileged to do work in most places around the world. Despite being a small company, our resin-based sealing solution is much sought-after for overcoming the challenges in many complicated wells. 

Wellcem takes great pride in providing innovative problem-solving environment that presents rapid response to our clients’ needs. Our skills and flexibility allow us to deliver complete solution to even the most complicated wells

That is why Wellcem was called out to do a job in China for a supermajor operator. The objective was to remediate the gas storage well that had compromised its annular integrity. The well was experiencing high-pressure build-up in the B, C and D-Annuli.

We showcased the flexibility of our engineering team and the Thermaset® solution to solve complex well integrity issues. In this case, we engineered the resin for the well conditions and squeezed below the 9-5/8" casing shoe to stop gas from migrating up the well. The solution was a success as the well is now operating continuously for over 40 days without any recurring problem.

The remediation of this well set an example for a high number of similar wells in China that needs to be rectified in the next few years. Wellcem and the unconventional solutions it offers will definitely be a part of this endeavour.

We are very excited for the future!

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