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Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP): Defining if a scenario needs intervention

Posted by Miguel Diaz on 10.06.2019

In this second part of my article series on SCP, I will discuss how to define whether you have an SCP scenario that needs intervention or not.

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Sustained casing pressure (SCP): When do we have a problem?

Posted by Miguel Diaz on 27.05.2019

When is Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP) an issue, how do we characterize an SCP scenario, and what are the options to cure it? Operators in the Middle East have proactively worked to define a...

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This is how we dealt with sustained casing pressure

Posted by Morten Evensen on 08.02.2018

We are situated on a platform in the Dutch sector of the North Sea. During pressure bleed-off of the annulus, both gas and oil-like fluid has been observed. The situation is unwanted and it can...

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