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Effective ways of reducing well integrity problems

Posted by Svein Normann on 20.11.2017


Well integrity or leaks have well safety and environmental aspects. But aspects related to production, reputation and asset value are also important.

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Cement slurry design for oil well applications: Standards you need to know

Posted by Miguel Diaz on 16.11.2017

Have you ever wondered what tests you should (or could) ask the lab to run when you are preparing for a cement job? Have you ever been part of an argument around a lab test result because it may...

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5 keys to the successful remediation of sustained annular pressure

Posted by Sean Francis/Mohamed Aly Tawfik on 08.11.2017

As developed wells continue to produce, these completed assets undergo thermodynamic cycling consistent with the production life of the well. The constant loading on these wells induce stresses...

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What is Micro-Annuli in Casing Cement? How to deal with them?

Posted by Colin Beharie on 03.11.2017

Micro annuli in cement are a constant problem in oilfield well cementing. In this article, I will look closer at the most common reasons and discuss how to deal with them.

It is one numerous well...

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Materials for plug and abandonment of oil and gas wells

Posted by Miguel Diaz on 25.10.2017

In my previous article, I promised to address the doubts of the readers around the material that could be placed in the hole as a barrier for plug and abandonment, and whether those materials...

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Zonal isolation - what are effective alternatives to cement?

Posted by Jonny Haugen on 20.10.2017

Cement has been central to well integrity since 1906. Now, the oil companies are searching for new and better ways for zonal isolations in oil and gas wells. What are the trends and alternatives...

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Requirements for plug and abandonment of oil and gas wells - Legislation and Job design

Posted by Miguel Diaz on 11.10.2017

Following the article from Colin Beharie (“P&A: Are you absolutely sure it's plugged?"), we got a significant amount of questions on well’s plugging/abandonment. In this article, I will try to...

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Free water in cement slurries for oil and gas wells: Big trouble?

Posted by Svein Normann on 06.10.2017

A cement slurry is basically made up of dry cement mixed with water in a correct ratio. Free water (or free fluid) is not the best-known property of a cement slurry. It often gets overlooked, and...

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P&A: Are you absolutely sure it's plugged?

Posted by Colin Beharie on 27.09.2017

In the world of oilfield cementing, verification that the plug is in place and withstands the pressure is an important part of plugging operations. The consequences can be substantial under...

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Cement Plugging: A nightmare waiting to happen?

Posted by Miguel Diaz on 21.09.2017

A ghost from the past started hunting me when I went through my files. Ashamed of what I discovered I decided to tell everyone, especially young engineers, what not to do when setting a cement...

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