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How to Test Cement Slurries in Different Well Applications? (Part 2)

Posted by Miguel Diaz on 13.09.2018

In this article, I will cover the test procedures for cement slurries in different well applications.These are all standardized test that any service provider should evaluate for the operator...

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How to design cement slurry for oil well applications (Part 1)

Posted by Miguel Diaz on 23.08.2018

Have you ever wondered what tests you should (or could) ask the lab to run when you are preparing for a cement job? Have you ever been part of an argument around a lab test result because it may...

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6 ways to prevent well integrity problems

Posted by Svein Normann on 07.08.2018

Well integrity or leaks have well safety and environmental aspects. But aspects related to production, reputation and asset value are also important.

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Gas migration: A potential disaster

Posted by Svein Normann on 24.07.2018

Gas migration is a well-known phenomenon in oil and gas wells around the world. Probably because it is very common. You must know what it is and how it occurs.

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How to deal with Micro-Annuli in Casing Cement

Posted by Colin Beharie on 10.07.2018

A constant problem in oilfield well cementing are micro annuli, often resulting in reduced production and expensive remedial costs. In this article, I will look closer at the most common reasons...

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Sustained annular pressure: How to successfully remediate?

Posted by Sean Francis/Mohamed Aly Tawfik on 23.04.2018

As developed wells continue to produce, these completed assets undergo thermodynamic cycling consistent with the production life of the well. The constant loading on these wells induce stresses...

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How to reduce well integrity problems [Checklist]

Posted by Svein Normann on 27.03.2018

Well integrity (or leaks) have well safety and environmental aspects. You should also take aspects related to production, reputation and asset value into serious consideration.

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Mixing energy in cement and its effect

Posted by Svein Normann on 08.03.2018

Mixing energy during cement mixing, what is it and why is it important? What can be done to control it?

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Resins for Well Integrity Challenges: Curing process

Posted by Minli Xie on 22.02.2018

Resin chemistry, including epoxies, phenolics, and furans, has been widely utilized in a variety of applications in well construction, completion, and production. This broad class of thermosetting...

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This is how we dealt with sustained casing pressure

Posted by Morten Evensen on 08.02.2018

We are situated on a platform in the Dutch sector of the North Sea. During pressure bleed-off of the annulus, both gas and oil-like fluid has been observed. The situation is unwanted and it can...

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