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Plug and abandonment: Different materials for oil and gas wells

Posted by Svein Normann on 21.11.2019

In our previous article, I promised to address the doubts of the readers around the material that could be placed in the hole as a barrier for plug and abandonment, and whether those materials...

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Plug and Abandonment: What legislation and job design should apply?

Posted by Svein Normann on 30.10.2019

Following the article from Colin Beharie (“P&A: Are you absolutely sure it's plugged?"), we got a significant amount of questions on well’s plugging/abandonment.

In this article, I will try to...

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Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP): Defining if a scenario needs intervention

Posted by Miguel Diaz on 10.06.2019

In this second part of my article series on SCP, I will discuss how to define whether you have an SCP scenario that needs intervention or not.

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Sustained casing pressure (SCP): When do we have a problem?

Posted by Miguel Diaz on 27.05.2019

When is Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP) an issue, how do we characterize an SCP scenario, and what are the options to cure it? Operators in the Middle East have proactively worked to define a...

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This is how we dealt with a leaking liner lap

Posted by Svein Normann on 28.11.2018

Today I’ll like to share with you a case history within a well integrity application. Several of our articles on this blog have focused on the importance of doing proper planning before...

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How to Test Cement Slurries in Different Well Applications? (Part 2)

Posted by Miguel Diaz on 13.09.2018

In this article, I will cover the test procedures for cement slurries in different well applications.These are all standardized test that any service provider should evaluate for the operator...

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How to design cement slurry for oil well applications (Part 1)

Posted by Miguel Diaz on 23.08.2018

Have you ever wondered what tests you should (or could) ask the lab to run when you are preparing for a cement job? Have you ever been part of an argument around a lab test result because it may...

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6 ways to prevent well integrity problems

Posted by Svein Normann on 07.08.2018

Well integrity or leaks have well safety and environmental aspects. But aspects related to production, reputation and asset value are also important.

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Gas migration: A potential disaster

Posted by Svein Normann on 24.07.2018

Gas migration is a well-known phenomenon in oil and gas wells around the world. Probably because it is very common. You must know what it is and how it occurs.

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How to deal with Micro-Annuli in Casing Cement

Posted by Colin Beharie on 10.07.2018

A constant problem in oilfield well cementing are micro annuli, often resulting in reduced production and expensive remedial costs. In this article, I will look closer at the most common reasons...

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